I am starting a new challenge. It’s free for anyone to join. I got the name of the challenge from my church a little over a month ago. The name of the sermon was “Breakthrough”. That word stuck with me ever since. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself, I really need a breakthrough. Especially ever since 2020 started. We all have had a very rough start to the year and so many of us just feel like we are in a slump or have been at some point this year whether it’s spiritual, physical, mental, or all 3. Sometimes it’s just hard to get out of that slump. It’s okay. You’re not alone.

With everything that’s going on in this world, I believe WHOLE HEARTEDLY this is the season for breakthroughs! I know I am ready!! I don’t want to waste another minute of my life not chasing my full potential, and both the woman and the wife God has called me to be. Being married now, I also have a different type of motivation. I think the world of my husband, and want to be nothing but the best for him. I want to live a long, happy, healthy life with him and our children. He deserves the best Madi I can be, and so do I.



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Breakthrough Challenge Coming Soon

Breakthrough Challenge:

What you need for this challenge:

  • A notebook or journal of some sort.


  • .Weekly Check-ins I have made example documents of what your weekly check-ins will consist of to help you get started, and keep your progress organized. There is a weekly check-in page, and a daily checklist page. Both of them you will be able to print if you’d like. This is where it gets fun. This includes a guide for weekly goal setting, weekly affirmations, and more.
  • Workout 3-5 times a week 30 mins- 1 hr each time. Work out at home or at the gym. If you’re not the workout type and you would just rather do cardio, that’s fine. Go on a walk or hit the treadmill.. whatever you’d like.
  • Cook more. We all know how tempting it can be to just go get food after that long day of work just about everyday. Currently I rarely cook just because of our schedule but I do like to cook. So if you rarely ever cook, don’t say okay I am going to cook every night this week and get burnt out. Progress slowly. Start with 1-2 or maybe 3 times a week. It’s all about finding out what works best for you.


  • 20 minutes of intimate time with God everyday. However you wish you accomplish that. Examples: devotional, praying, meditation with praise & worship, or a combination of all.
  • Drink more Water Example: Drink 72 oz of water per day ( If you have a 24 oz water bottle, fill that up 3 times) drink more if you want. or less. The point is drink MORE water than you normally would.
  • Get up earlier, Go to bed earlier.
  • Daily Affirmations meditate on 10 affirmations daily each week.

I made this challenge in hopes that it would be easy for EVERYONE to do. I will be opening my email to you guys for questions, advice/clarification on anything regarding the challenge, and it’s a good way for y’all to send me updates on how it’s going, I would love to hear from you guys and I want to help you get the most out of this challenge! This challenge is just as much for me as it is for you! Let’s do this together!!

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